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I’m experimenting with aqueous dispersed pigments* at the moment, and finding it very difficult. The colour looks quite different in the vat to when it dries, and because it renders my vat opaque, I can’t see how much pulp is … Continue reading

Reading the river

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I am a doctor’s child , growing up surrounded by medical journals and drug advertising. Medical diagrams and visualisations often appear in my mind as I am working. I also recently lit upon a treatise entitled ‘Reading a river for gold”, aimed … Continue reading

NEOS 2013

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Our Open House and Studio – The Yellow House Gallery at Brankanentham Farmhouse will be open for the whole duration of NEOS - North East Open Studios 2013, from 9th to the 29th September 2013.     Opening Hours will be: Monday … Continue reading


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In ‘The Red Badge of Courage’ by Stephen Crane, the 19th century novel about the American Civil War, the red badge was the blood from a wound, by which a soldier had proved his courage. I am only gradually gaining confidence in this piece, … Continue reading

Lee Krasner

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The lives of wives of famous male artists, when artists in their own right, always intrigue me, and I speculate on how they came to an accommodation with the fame/ambition of their spouse. The whole business of keeping working when your partners’s star is … Continue reading

A red day

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I’ve been preoccupied by red things ever since we despatched the last three of last year’s cockerels. We had kept them too long and they were big and difficult to kill – and the blood and especially the combs have stayed in … Continue reading