Birch Tree Gallery

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‘The Lightness of Being’ exhibition continues at 23A Dundas Street Edinburgh. Lovely photo of summer blues by Mary Bourne taken overlooking the New Town Street. The show runs until 1st August.


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How the angel came into being ” All Saints, Whiterashes is an EcoCongregation and in April 2016 decided to use recycled tea bags in an imaginative way to raise awareness about recycling things we so easily discard, but also to encourage … Continue reading

Ghost Flowers

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I made these last autumn, and sold several before I had got around to photographing them (plus ca change). I’m now working on a larger installation, but the flowers have come out more like bones…

Opening the Eye

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It’s easy to get fogged up with detail. Grasping the technicalities of making any sort of paper is crucial to get the result you need. Standing back from the the finished piece is always, however, a bit surprising.