I am a Scottish artist and papermaker. This website and blog about papermaking was conceived as a way for me to rationalise my work and concerns with myself, and occasionally, with others who read it.

Making things is important to me. I have been creating objects since I was a small child; it never occurred to me that I might not be an artist. This conviction has not been dampened by age or education,  so I struggle to be a better one. It is important to me to make beautiful and interesting objects that people like, and want to live with.

In 2010,  I decided to work with paper, attracted by its technicalities, challenges and huge potential. In exploring paper’s history, ecology, spiritual and political dimensions, I have met, learned from and admired the work of many other paper makers and artists.

I make my own paper pulp from raw and recycled fibres using traditional European equipment and techniques. Adapting this ancient craft process is an adventure, the complex structure of the fibres enabling me to create objects that weigh little in comparison to their visual impact.

I am concerned with the melancholy and elation found in dusks, dawns‚ ancient places and precious objects, my own physical being and generally, the strangeness of being alive.


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