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Flax/Linen pieces also produced for the ‘Lightness of Being’ show in Edinburgh, on until the 1st August. I do hope people go and see them. Its not easy for me to show so far (!) from home so this is an opportunity I needed to grasp. It has also stimulated some new pieces after a period away from production, due to domestic stuff. Life.

They have the Summer in there.


Precise colour is particularly difficult to control, never mind repeat. I was looking to reproduce the colour of harebells, the Scottish bluebell. They came out a little strong, but I’ll have another go soon. I grew up on a raised beach in the highlands, where the harebell grows. I am proud to be a Scot, and these speak to me of the wildness and gentleness of the place to which I belong. I really miss it sometimes. I only live on the other side of the firth now, but it’s different here, more busy, more worked.


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