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Crossing Streams

It’s been a while since I posted on the website, so I ‘m bringing some things up to date. In January this year, we unveiled a work for the public realm in Fraserburgh, commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council. It was based partly on the conversations and experiences arising from some papermaking sessions at Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre. IMG_0093

Partly also the time I spent in Fraserburgh in midsummer. the light is amazing at any time of day (something to do with having sea on two sides) and there was one particular sunset, which I viewed from the Asda carpark – no less special for that. The sensation of a lot of people just threading their way through the same space, with their own goals, mood, purpose.concurrent II detail


This is how it came out – two light pieces, designed for the conference room. They have yet to be sited. As with many of the works with light inside, they are rather difficult to capture in photographs, but I have done my best.IMG_1798

For various reasons, the piece was actually completed in the winter, and by that time we were experiencing the aurora borealis, so I think some of that got in there too.

concurrent I concurrent II


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