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Selling the World

A lady bought this little piece yesterday. It’s always great for a work to be cherished, rather than staying sitting in a box waiting to be exhibited again, but I have difficulty coming around to the idea that it now belongs to someone else…

In the past, I’ve sold works before photographing, and had no idea who had bought them, so they disappeared into the ether. I hope I’ve learned my lesson – have started to keep a book of purchasers, and am much more disciplined about photographing works before they go out of the door.



  1. Beatrice

    Hi Alison, my sister might have been the lady that bought “the world” from you. The gift came with your card and coordinates. I checked out your website and lo and behold to my surprise saw the piece right there! I feel compelled to let you know that your little piece has found a happy new home on our mantle piece in wintry Montreal,Canada. How’s that for “going around the world”?
    Beatrice G. , Mtl

    • Alison Simpson

      Hi Beatrice – That’s really amazing! It’s a very odd thing not knowing where things have come to rest. Nice to know its safe with you in Montreal.

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